Our Responsibility

Lawfully paying taxes is an enterprise’s duty and social responsibility should be undertook. While enjoying public resources, enterprise should also consider the overall interests of society and long-term development. Consciously assuming social responsibility also helps enterprise to establish a good image and ensure its develop quality.

Jinsheng Group actively fulfilled its tax duty and won the "Industrial Enterprises Tax Step Award" in Jintan District in 2016.


Economic responsibility is an important part of corporate community involvement and while job creation is a vital link in corporate economic responsibility. Jinsheng actively assumes social responsibility for job creation in its growing process.

Up to now, there are 18,000 employees in Jinsheng among which 10,000 more are the domestic and over 7,000 for other countries which in Germany, India, etc.


Actively participating in charity activities and supporting the co-construction of both sides are important components of Jinsheng's public welfare undertakings.

Jinsheng has donated 500,000 yuan to Jintan District Charity Federation for 13 consecutive years and continuously participated in the "pairing assistance" activities in the poverty-stricken villages of Jintan District by donations and targeted assistance. Over the years, together with Jintan Armed Police Squadron, Jinsheng has been carrying out co-construction activities like blood donations and actively serving the local people.

Poverty -Supporting

In 2017, Jinsheng signed the Framework Agreement on Poverty Alleviation with four counties in Southern of Xinjiang and donated 40 million yuan funding for poverty alleviation in Cele, Wuqia, Maigaiti and Keping. Each county has been found 10 million yuan for developing local specialty industry, establishing "micro-loan guarantee" poverty alleviation fund, paying poverty-stricken students’ tuition fees and supporting poor households’ farming and breeding.


Jinsheng donates 600,000 yuan annually to Hualuogeng Experimental School, Hualuogeng Middle School and Jintan No. 1 Middle School to reward outstanding teachers and students.

In 2015, on the eve of the fifth anniversary of the Yushu earthquake, Jinsheng together with Guangzhou Exceptional Clothing Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong Yida Group, went to Haxiu Township Boarding Primary School in Yushu, Qinghai Province. They talked with the pupils caringly and learned about their life and studies, brought them stationaries and daily necessities.