Chairman's Speech

The achievements of Mr. Hua Luogeng (1910-1985), a citizen of Jintan, to become a world-renowned mathematician has inspired me greatly. When I founded Jinsheng, I aspired that, from my hometown Jintan, we would grow to become a world-class enterprise. This is our dream!

World-class enterprises such as GE, Samsung, Siemens and Bosch are already models for many Chinese enterprises, such as Huawei, Lenovo, and Haier…. Jinsheng since its establishment in 2000, on this journey, has encountered numerous setbacks, impediments and challenges, but these had not discouraged us. We were determined and have continually pursued our dream! Today, we are pleased that we are recognized as the global leaders in the natural fibers & yarns machinery and customized CNC machine tool industries. 

Although we have made a big step forward, we are still far from our dream. We are realistic that we will need more time and effort and we know that on this journey, we must master the four essential aspects of employee motivation, company culture development and assimilation, growth business model and excellence in leadership model. Developing and internalizing these aspects will allow generation after generation of Jinsheng employees to continually work towards our aspiration of becoming a world-class enterprise!

Welcome to Jinsheng and let us chase our dream together!