Talent Philosophy
Common development Shared growth
Shared core value and dream bring people together in Jinsheng community. We focus on building on your strength;
unleashing your potential, catalyzing your personal development,
so that both individual and company grow together.
Harmony but not uniformity,
Gap complementarity;
Value unity,
Development in diversity.
Keep learning,
Open-mind holding;
Embrace changing,
Altruistic and empowering.
Mutual respect,
honest with open heart;
Listen with delight;
Self-reflection and be tolerant.
People sensitiveness (keenness);
Insight into humans;
Insight into essences.
Responsible with commit,
Diligent with grit;
Strive with effort,
Excellence Pursuit.
Compensation and Benefits
Jinsheng develops and implements the philosophy of Total Rewards,which includes all forms of rewards
that can be generally categorized into two components: monetary and nonmonetary compensation. Company brand, development platform,
training and career opportunity are all important elements that can motivate employee engagement and drive employee satisfaction. The driving
force of tangible rewards is limited while spiritual motivation is with endless power,therefore building a total rewards system
composed of long term incentive, short term incentive, monetary pay and nonmonetary pay is of great importance.
Global Talent system of recruiting, integration, developing, incentives, retaining
Development & Career

Performance Management / Learning and Development

Career Opportunity and Pathing / Tuition Reimbursement

Global Assignments / Job Rotation

Employee Education / Promotion

Compensation and Benefits

Base pay / Retention Bonus / Holiday Vouchers

Short Term Incentives(STI) / Long Term Incentives(LTI)

Equity Based Incentives / Financial Allowances

Pension / Life Insurance / Critical Illness Insurance / Health Insurance

Working Environment & Atmosphere

Workplace Facilities & Environment

Working Lunch


Team Building & Teamwork

Work-Life Balance

Paid Time-off

Flexible Work Arrangement

Group Touring

Club Membership