Family day Saurer in China


In September 2023, a unique Family Day event was held at Saurer's factory in China. At the event, MrsYang Qiaoyun, Deputy General Manager of the factory, showed the factory to all family members. She introduced the factory to everyone in an easy-to-understand language. The teenagers and adults were impressed by the modern textile machinery production facility, but the younger children were more excited about taking photos at their parents' workplaces. During the visit, employees explained their jobs and responsibilities to the families, giving them a better understanding of what they do.  

The factory tour was followed by a variety of parent-child interaction activities. Parents and children participated in three fun games together: "Kangaroo Jump", "Dynamic Table Tennis" and "Dress to the End". Family members also took part in creative activities such as Happy Baking, allowing their imagination and creativity to run free. For the Saurer Team it was a great opportunity to spend quality time with their family.

Family days like this are an important part of Saurer's commitment to the well-being of its employees and to building a positive corporate culture.